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Essential equipment to keep your yard clean

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Essential equipment to keep your yard clean

Unless you are hiring a lawn service to take care of your weekly lawn care chores, every homeowner will rely on a handful of important tools to take care of them. lawn. Some of these tools will be used so frequently that you should own them, while others can be rented from time to time as the need arises.

Pretty much every homeowner who tends their own lawn will want to own a lawnmower. For residential use, I would recommend  buying an electric mower. They operate via a plug-in cord or on rechargeable batteries. The various electric models have many advantages, the main one being the absence of polluting fumes caused by burning oil and gasoline.Also, electric mowers are typically much quieter than gasoline-powered mowers, which makes a summer mornings & afternoons a more pleasant experience in the neighbourhood.  Push power mowers are another option when considering purchasing lawn equipment. They come in many, many different forms, from small push mowers to large rider mowers that resemble small tractors. Some mowers have self-bagging features that collect grass clippings, while others use a mulching feature that allows the mower to chop up the grass clippings and return them to the lawn. The mulching feature is a good idea, since chopping up grass clippings and returning them to a lawn helps feed the lawn and eliminates the need for fertilisers.

Next to a mower, a trimmer is the lawn tool most commonly owned. This small manoeuvrable tool offers an easy way to neatly trim off grass along fences, walls, and garden beds. For home use I would recommend the corded electric or battery-operated string trimmers to be as they are much quieter and they eliminate polluting fumes as well.. A trimming session often concludes every lawn-mowing.

A power blower, operating either by a gas-motor, electric cord, or battery, is a handy tool to blow leaves or other debris out of garden beds, off patios and decks, or across lawns. It essentially does the same job as a rake, but it will save you time and your back!!!

The next piece of equipment I would recommend is a fertiliser spreader.  It is  a manual push tool used to distribute fertilisers, lawn seed, and pesticides across the lawn. Having a spreader is a must because it spreads the fertiliser evenly across the lawn to avoid burn patches. Spreaders can also be rented and may be your best options as you will need one, at most, a couple of times a year.

Where rainfall is insufficient to keep a lawn watered, you will need a sprinkler! Proper watering techniques are absolutely essential to a lush looking lawn. You can keep it  simple as a sprinkler connected to a water hose, or it may be as complicated as an irrigation system of underground pipelines with multiple circuits and automatic controls. As much as you try to keep a healthy lawn, without proper watering your lawn stands no chance. During the hot periods of the summer more frequent applications are required. Generally one application of water every 4 to 5 days is adequate. Consistency is key! 

This is just a small list of essentials to help keep your lawn looking great!

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